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Gilding has always been the core of the business, ever since Mark Turner graduated with a 1st Class Honours degree In Furniture Restoration and Conservation in 1997. 

 All aspects of gilding are undertaken.

  • • Cleaning and consolidation of existing original surfaces,
  • • Repair and refinishing  of gesso, applied composition mouldings and decorative paint finishes
  • • Re-gilding or part gilding as well as verre eglomise glass gilding.

We mainly use water gilding techniques but can equally undertake oil gilding, particularly for architectural and certain interior gilding projects.

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Turners offer a frame restoration service . This includes re-sizing and invisible alterations to an existing frame, all other aspects of gilding and the matching or creating of decorative painted finishes. Modern and contemporary designs are commissioned, along with the replicating of period frames in either carved wood or composition.

Wood finishing

Turners offer traditional French Polishing including part or patch polishing, together with furniture reviving, bleaching, wood staining and also  modern commercial wood finishes.  We also specialise in colour-matching and replicating original worn or distressed painted finishes.

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ative objects or interiors. We can assist the development and concept through all stages of design, manufacture, decorating and fitting.


Turners Decoratives provide services for the design,manufacture and finishing for bespoke decorative items. This includes producing replica items of furniture and contemporary items to  clients’ own designs and finishes. We often work closely with individual clients to meet their exact requirements

Our services include bespoke joinery, wood-carving, furniture making and a comprehensive range of traditional and contemporary finishings together with creating new surfaces, textures and effects.

Furniture designers, artists, sculptors, interior designers, developers and private clients are most welcome to discuss  requirements.  Turners work for all of the above to help create beautiful, exclusive and most often highly decorative objects or interiors. We can assist the development and concept through all stages of design to include, manufacture, decoration and fitting/installation.

Bespoke Designs 

Bespoke designs vary from the entire process of design through to manufacture or simply a commission to colour, decorate or embellish an item or interior. We are more than happy to work ‘on site’ or with third parties on large projects.

Repairs Subject to Insurance Claims

Turners can provide a full appraisal service to include a written report on the visual analysis, condition  and proposed treatment for all damaged items which are subject to an insurance claim.  This includes a detailed breakdown of a costs.

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Frame Making and Designs

We specialise in making good quality, well proportioned and beautiful frames for all artistic styles. Our skills incorporate carving, wood finishing, gilding and toning and creating beautiful surfaces and effects with the primary aim of complimenting and enhancing your art work. 

We work closely with artists, art dealers, private collectors and galleries to manufacture and create high quality picture frames. Modern contemporary or replica antique styles can be made to a client’s specific requirements, dimensions and proportions.

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Interior on-site services

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In addition to the repair, replacement and consolidation of plasterwork ornament, we undertake re-gilding and re-finishing as well as applying contemporary painted gilded effects to ceilings and walls. This includes verre-eglomise gilding and exterior ironwork gilding.

Wood Finishing

We are skilled in all types of traditional and contemporary wood finishing techniques including french polishing on paneling, doors and handrails. We can restore and revive wall paneling and revive existing areas to include colour matching and replicating aged or distressed appearances on wood.

Turners offer commercial refreshing / along with a full repair or re-finishing service

We offer a full revival service for commercial interiors including hotels, bars and restaurants. This can include a nocturnal service so as to not disrupt the usual daytime and evening business hours.

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Decorative Paint Effects

We specialise in creating oil based or acrylic/water based paint effects and colours which can enhance interior surfaces and finishes for contemporary furniture and decorative plaster work. This also applies to furniture with simulated graining paint effects or distressed worn paint finishes that require matching.

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